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Bogle Design

Kathy Bogle leads the Bogle Design Group in their work to create beautiful, functional spaces that clients both use and enjoy. Kathy’s starting point for design and project management is always the client. Getting to know the client, understanding their goals, and seeing how they live in their spaces are the foundation to Kathy’s design process. Her designs marry form and function and speak to her exceptional space planning and attention to both the big picture and the fine details. Her expertise in residential design shows in her thoughtfully crafted plans for all size projects, small to large, in a range of styles that are unique to each client and home. The end product is consistently a unified space that fulfills the client’s needs, embodies their style, and captures their heart (LOVE/IMAGINATION?) and excitement for home.

The process to the end product is a seamless one when managed by Kathy. With a background in architectural engineering and construction management, Kathy’s attention to detail, team communication, and workflow is well honed. Her goal for construction management and project management is to make the client happy and the project as stress-free as possible. Strengthened by long standing relationships with skilled contractors, interior designers, structural engineers and suppliers, Kathy builds the right team to fit each project’s needs. The team consists of people who are honest, engaged, conscientious, fun, and talented. They truly enjoy what they do and that shows clearly in their presence, their process and their product.

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New Construction

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Project Management

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